When We Sat, Not on Rocks . . .

When We Sat, Not on Rocks . . .

I have recently stumbled across poems that I wrote for Lizzie and Luke when they were just tadpoles. It made me think of a beautiful poem by dad wrote for me when I was wee. The opening line reads, We Sat Not on Rocks, but on Concrete Blocks . . .
This piece is about the day I went canoeing with Sean in New Jersey. It was 1994 and it was the day I decided I could marry him. I decided this for two reasons:
1. He paid for parking.
2. He was irritated with his friend Matt for buying generic soda.

As I looked at the drawing, I thought about my dad and I wondered if he could even have possibly imagined, that day that he held toddler me along the banks of the river, that one day, decades later, I would fall in love for certain in a red canoe on the river.


P.S. I promise that I will connect my scanner soon so that I do not keep posting crappy quality photos. I am an art teacher for crying out loud. I should know better. I am also an exhausted momma, so you know, whatever.

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