When in Doubt, Moose


I got this tattoo in my mid-thirties when I thought I was done having children. It holds the zodiac signs for each of the kids, plus Sean’s and mine because, well, we made the kids.

Clearly, I had no clue Quinn would enter the picture a few years later. I have been debating about how to modify the tattoo … To figure out a pretty way to incorporate the new guy. I don’t really love the sign Virgo and was considering adding a simple Q hanging from the tail of Williams’s Leo. I also thought about just doing a separate tattoo completely as there is such an age gap between Quinn and the others. But then I just end up worrying about whether he might feel left out…

I decided just to ask Quinn… Let him be the tie breaker. “Quinn, what do you think I should put right here on my back? A Q or a sign?” He answered, “Ummmmm…. A moose!”

I am open to other suggestions.

About kellyinrepeat

mom, wife, artist, writer, teacher, dog lover, pie maker, who believes that all things are possible
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