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Quarantined at Nine

Quinn has always been one to entertain himself quite easily. He is super patient and relatively pokey with most things. In all those years of volleyball and long car rides he never once asked, “Is it almost over?” or “Are … Continue reading

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A Time to Dance, A Time to Mourn

I skipped both birthday letters for my Spring babies. That is a first. Ever. I am either a horrible mother or I am paralyzed, still, with the waiting that comes prior to my eldest child leaving home. It’s like a … Continue reading

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Fab Four (a birthday letter)

  I have been carrying around the same school ID card since the day I was hospitalized in 2010. I went to school, got my picture taken. I was wearing lavender. Then, over lunch, I went for an ultrasound and … Continue reading

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Fourteen Years and I Love You

  Aw, Lizzie Girl. Happy Birthday, my blue eyed girl. It is one in the morning and the house is just settling down. I wonder how you will remember your early teenage years and the energy of this house. I … Continue reading

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Are You There, God? It’s Me, Kelly

“I like one hair, tuna fish, the smell of rain and things that are pink. I hate pimples, baked potatoes, when my mother’s mad, and religious holidays.” ― Judy Blume, Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret So here I am, lit … Continue reading

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Free Print

I love mail and love free stuff, so today, I am giving away this print. To win, leave a comment that, in a single sentence, tells me about a “bad mom” moment, and a winner will be chosen at random … Continue reading

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You Too Fat For Your Feet

I am a Wisconsin girl. I wear a lot of sweaters and jeans, boots and socks, and I do not own a swim suit. 90% of the time, I can be fully covered up and no one has to be … Continue reading

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When in Doubt, Moose

I got this tattoo in my mid-thirties when I thought I was done having children. It holds the zodiac signs for each of the kids, plus Sean’s and mine because, well, we made the kids. Clearly, I had no clue … Continue reading

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Parent Fail

7:00am the Tuesday Memorial Day. I have packed my daughter’s lunch. I made a marshmallow fluff sandwich on white bread. I tried to disguise my failure by adding bananas and packing a Baggie full of cherry tomatoes…. Sean says that … Continue reading

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Instagram Lullaby

9:42. Finally settling down after a long and spirited birthday night. Quinn is next to me in bed, his sweet little cherub of an arm is tucked in the crook of my elbow. He is falling asleep slowly, his breaths … Continue reading

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