Whatever, 3 x 3

ImageSo it has been five hours since my last post. My life since then:

  • Met friend, drank iced coffee in the blazing heat, while she let me brainstorm lofty ideas while I got a sunburn.
  • Ran into former colleague and friend who had preemie twin boys exactly a year after I had preemie twins. Yay, preemie mommies. 
  • Went to dermatologist for a consult and she ended up cutting out a giant cyst out of my skull (it looked like a chickpea, but whiter) and even though the knife and stitches did not really hurt, I was shaking the whole time. She also took a razor blade and swiped off the annoying mole on my chin. I cannot imagine her job being mine. Ever. In fact, the idea of scraping a mole off of a strangers face is so gross to me that when I think about it, I feel vomit at the back of my throat. The doctor also pointed out, nicely, and without any forehead movement, all of the places I was aging and suggested botox and fillers. Um, we are from different planets. By the way, Noel, I will have a bloody skull and a bandage of my face for your wedding. However, I will still be nice and wrinkly. 
  • Purchased $174 of groceries without blinking an eye while my boy shorts underpants fell to my knees. 
  • Picked up William from his first day of school. All he said was, “I am hungry.” When I asked about the rest of his day he said that it was fine and that he did not want to talk about it, except that he liked the new Spanish teacher. 
  • Unpacked groceries. Folded laundry.
  • Fielded four calls from William’s agent and had mild panic fest over how I am going to drive him to all of these shoots while I am working. Speaking of which, damn, I forgot to send his comp cards in.
  • Corrected misspelling on Noel’s wedding program. Lucky, by the way, is not spelled lukcy. #fail
  • Opened email to discover my children’s book illustration was not selected for 3×3 magazine. This was majorly disappointing news because I love this book. My response to the jurors who vetoed me is simply to post a few of my favorite illustrations from this book on this post and to tell all of you to spread the word so many times that the Avett Brothers hear all about it and they buy it and then they hire me to do the cover work for their next CD, which I will hope to have time to do, but might be too busy because by then my book will have been picked up by Random House and I might have a book tour.

 The book is called Waiting for You and it was written for a friend who was seeking a book for someone who was using a surrogate and could not find any great children’s book about surrogacy. It is a story about all the things families do while they wait for their child to arrive, no matter whose belly it pops out of. This is a book that is close to my heart and even though it is self published and even though there is a glaring typo (out loud, I know, is two words) and even though it’s not on a fancy must read New York Times bestseller list and even though the jurors at 3×3 think I suck,  I think you should read it to your sweet babes before they sleep. If you don’t believe me, preview it here and then say an audible aw:http://www.lulu.com/shop/kelly-frederick-mizer/waiting-for-you/ebook/product-18476542.html 

But even if you don’t look it up and even if Scott Avett never reads it and even if I never get to meet Oprah or Ellen or Deepak, I still want to share some of my favorite images with you. So, whatever, 3×3. I will do it myself. 






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2 Responses to Whatever, 3 x 3

  1. Betsy says:

    Loved hearing your lofty ideas today. And love these illustrations. Damn, baby. You’re talented.

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